HELLO and WELCOME to my portfolio site!

Meet the staff:


Graphic Designer/Production Artist: Danielle Smith-Boldt

And that’s it, I’m the staff!

So allow me to pun around and shamelessly show some photos of the crazy little nuggets that bring joy to the office and keep me company while I work:


Vice Pawsident: Lord Hades (retired)

Miss Sweetums

Barketing Executive: Miss Sweetums (retired)


Pawduct Performance Analyst: Sir Kevin von Doodlebutt

Mr Blue

Accounts Retrievable: Mr Blue

Mr Blue

Intern & pup-Friday: Peanut

Now let’s get down to the real reason you are here: reviewing samples of my work! That being said, be sure to check out my Portfolio and Resume pages.

In an effort to offer some insight into the “me” behind my madness, I’ve created two pages here in case you are interested. One is directed to my work history and the other discusses my personal side.

In brief:
I enjoy handling both the design and/or production sides of the creation process.
Control and maintenance of style and consistency throughout a series is never a problem.┬áLet’s take that printed book and make it an Ebook.
Need flyers, mailers, brochures, ads, and/or other supporting branding materials? Let’s do it!
Diversity of all kinds of projects is always welcome.
Miss D

Danielle Smith-Boldt